About Harveys Workwear

Performance and style, past and present

Established in 1950, Harveys Workwear has been providing the highest quality workwear to UK workforces for over 70 years.

Harveys Workwear is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of high performance, comfortable and stylish uniforms for businesses and organisation of all sizes, across all sectors. Whether you’re operating across the food service industry, healthcare, beauty, or even a corporate office, Harveys can offer affordable and quality workwear solutions.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the healthcare sector in particular, offering personalised uniforms for nurses, doctors, dentists, carers – all healthcare professionals – that will stand the test of time.

With our experience comes our strong ethos and reputation for providing only the best in quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. We take the time to listen to what you need and deliver only the best.

This is, in part, owing to our UK heritage which is still the foundation of our business today.


We supply all of our workwear from our thriving UK factory and warehouse in the north west of England. This allows us to offer an agile ordering service with efficient turnaround times, especially for bespoke and custom orders.

Our factory also features a factory outlet store for any local north west customers looking to collect workwear from our site. Our factory outlet store is appreciated by a wide spectrum of businesses based in the North West working across numerous industries including agriculture, beauty, healthcare, hospitality, industrial trade, maintenance and more.

We are also equipped with an in-house embroidery suite. Our internal embroidery service means we can tailor almost any garment to your requirements as a cost-effective, dynamic solution for workwear personalisation.

Managing custom embroidery and personalisation on-site also means we can hold every garment up to our exceptional quality standards with no disruption to your service or order.

Find out more about workwear embroidery services here.


Assuring quality is at the heart of everything we do.


All of our materials are tried and tested by trusted suppliers to ensure excellence in quality and durability, achieving ISO14001 environmental and ISO9002 accreditations.

Everyone at Harveys Workwear, from our friendly customer service team to our diligent factory staff, are all based under one roof at our UK factory and work seamlessly together to provide excellence from start to finish.

Harveys roots are in supplying uniforms to NHS, M.O.D and the country’s huge industrial workforce where quality and durability was heavily scrutinised, and only the highest standards were permitted.

It’s a standard we have maintained throughout the years and our values still remain true from when the business was conceived to the present day.

Everyone at Harveys Workwear takes huge pride in their work and the long-standing relationships they have with customers large and small.

Our orders range from single garments to uniforms for entire workforces and the level of care and attention is the same regardless.