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Professions that wear scrubs

These days it’s hard to believe there was ever a time scrubs weren’t commonly worn in medical and health care settings.

Nursing scrubs, medical scrubs, surgical scrubs, call them what you will, they’re now common place across hospitals, GP’s surgeries, dentists, pharmacies, care homes and veterinary surgeries and popular among a whole array of other sectors too.

And the reason?

Aside from reducing the risk of contamination, they’re comfortable, durable, functional and more practical than traditional healthcare and workwear uniforms.

Where a doctor’s white coat or a starched uniform once gave the ultimate professional perception, the simple two piece scrub now emanates the same level of trust and reassurance among patients for healthcare professionals across all sectors.

They may have gained their original popularity on hospital wards in the US but they’re now embraced the world over.

So who is wearing scrubs? Let’s scrub up and find out!

A potted history

The 1940s white gown and trouser combo in surgical theatres was the birth of scrubs.

By the 1960s green scrubs were introduced due to eye strain experienced by surgical teams resulting from bright operating lights shining on the white fabric.

The unisex two piece we see today arrived in the 1970s and became popular in the States.

Increasingly adopted by medical staff beyond surgery teams, hospital scrubs hit huge popularity during the Covid pandemic due to their infection control properties and comfort within fraught and fast moving environments.

Who wears scrubs?

Scrubs, once exclusive to medical settings, have now become a staple in various professions.

From veterinary clinics to dental surgeries and laboratories to beauty and spa services, the functionality of scrubs has found its place across a whole range of roles and sectors.

Their easy maintenance, hygienic features and comfortable designs make them the perfect choice for professionals who rightly need to prioritise ease and practicality in their workwear – so now we can add veterinary scrubs and dentist scrubs to that list!

Medical scrubs

Within hospital settings they’re also known as ‘theatre blues’ but yet another great thing about scrubs is the choice of colours, including a range of blue and green hues, pink, purple and burgundy – often a v-neck top and drawstring trousers.

NHS hospital scrubs range from dark blue for theatre teams and light blue for ward and department staff to green for junior doctors.

They’re categorised as nursing scrubs, doctor’s scrubs, surgical scrubs and dental scrubs.

Dental scrubs

In dental practises dentists and nurses tend to stick to blue or white but you often see dental reception teams wearing scrubs in a range of colours – sometimes to compliment practice logos or branding.

Rather than a v-neck unisex tunic you’re also likely to see the mandarin collar tunic among the dentistry professionals.

Physio and occupational therapy

Scrubs are ideal for those working in physio and occupational therapy.

These healthcare professionals work with a wide range of patients across different settings and the practicality and comfort of scrubs really come into play in these fields.

While we stick with the unisex top and trousers, style can also come into play here with sleeve, collar, pocket piping and button detail.

Veterinary scrubs

The medical green theme transcends into veterinary surgeries too.

Vets often wear green or blue as those shades can be considered more calming for their patients and pet owners, helping to put them at ease.

Veterinary nurses commonly wear different shades of blue and green and again reception staff can either follow suit or adopt their own style.

Care home scrubs

Some care home workers prefer a more formal tunic or dress depending on their role but many carers have adopted scrubs as a more practical option for the demands of the job.

Beauty and spa scrubs

The tunic is an iconic part of the beauty industry but we’re increasingly seeing scrubs in spa and salon settings given their durability, functionality and the ability to dial up in the style stakes.

At Harveys Workwear, we’re dedicated to understanding the nuances of each profession that relies on scrubs, providing tailored solutions that match the specific needs.

From healthcare to emerging industries, our scrubs provide the perfect blend of functionality, comfort and style, ensuring professionals can focus on what they do best.

Here are some guidelines to consider when buying and caring for scrubs.

What should you consider when buying scrubs?

Scrubs are no different to buying any other item of clothing or workwear.

You want it to fit correctly, be comfortable and suit the requirements – and rigours – of your role.

Sizing: Scrubs allow for more freedom of movement so choose a fit that’s going to allow you to do this while remaining flattering to your size and shape. Harveys scrubs are available in a wide range of sizes.

Colour: Many roles adhere to uniform and workwear guidelines such as the NHS but if you do have freedom of choice go for aa colour that compliments your workplace and you!

Style: Many healthcare professionals opt for the standard unisex scrub style but if your workplace allows there are additional style elements and embellishments you can choose to give your uniform a subtle point of difference.

Personalisation: Consider whether you’d like personalisation such as names, job role or branding on your scrubs. At Harveys we offer an easy-ordering bespoke embroidery service to bring your uniforms and workwear to life.

Caring for your scrubs

Caring for your workwear, whatever it may be, is vital for longevity.

While healthcare professionals, in particular, rely on cleanliness. You don’t want creases either so choose a hard wearing, comfortable fabric such as a 195gm polyester / cotton blend.

Our scrub ranges are made from hard wearing fabric can be washed up to 80 degrees. Our team is always available to provide advice on proper care and maintenance, ensuring your attire remains in top condition.

Harveys expertise and heritage in healthcare uniforms and workwear

With healthcare uniforms woven into the very fabric of Harveys Workwear we are a trusted name in both the supply and manufacture.

Our expertise and experience in the industry understanding of the demands across various professions and we take great pride in offering not just affordable solutions but maintaining exceptional quality.

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