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Embroidery Service
(*from just £2.50)

Free UK Delivery
(*on orders over £75)

UK Manufactures
since 1950

Speedy Delivery
on all Stocked Items

Stitching customer stories to make a great workwear impression

As the saying goes: ‘The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail’.

And as a well-regarded, long standing supplier of workwear to a whole range of professional industries and sectors, it’s always been our ethos to ensure attention to detail and quality are at the forefront of everything we do.

Take our embroidery service. It’s the final destination for customer orders requiring personalisation.

But it’s the department where the magic happens, bringing uniforms and workwear to life by stitching in the stories behind your team and company with names and logos.


This is where the little details – intricate even – make a big difference.

Before we take you behind the sewing scenes of our embroidery service, here’s a little insight into just a few of the benefits branded workwear brings to both your team and your business.

Wearer psychology

First let’s delve into the psychological impact of branded workwear on both the wearer and the customer – yes, it really is that deep!

A uniform bearing a beautifully stitched name or company logo really does have the power, helping to build team spirit by creating a sense of belonging and togetherness.

It also helps to instil pride and responsibility, converting your team into brilliant brand ambassadors inside and outside the workplace.

In turn all these attributes can help increase productivity – a happy employee is a happy workplace and that also brings a wealth of benefits for business, customers, clients and for the healthcare sector, the people in your care.

Customer trust signals

Branded workwear is a well-known trust signal to the people your sectors and industries serve.

We associate skill and professionalism with a uniform and, unwittingly perhaps, often have a quick scan for a name or a logo out of curiosity.

It’s that instant recognition that puts people at ease and, particularly in the hospitality or retail sectors, it helps to increase visibility and is great way to enhance the customer service experience.

Branding is also great for building rapport, particularly when workwear is personalised with the wearer’s name which is a stepping-stone to striking up a more relaxed conversation no matter how brief!

Prime promotional opportunity

From a business perspective all the above are the cogs which help companies and organisations to thrive and grow.

But there’s also the added promotional aspects of branded workwear and uniforms.

A carefully embroidered company name or logo is a golden branding opportunity, particularly when your team is out and about outside the workplace.

Add a phone number and it can become an instant touchpoint for potential customers or at the very least make the right impression and generate brand awareness.

Businesses who don’t opt for a branded dress code, well, they may just be missing a trick!

The Harveys way

At Harveys we make it simple and cost-effective to add personalised embroidery to your order.

And who better to lift the curtain on our embroidery service than our head of department, Alison Bridge who expertly oversees our personalisation requests and orders and co-ordinates a four-strong team of embroiderers who are all former machinists.


Alison has worked with us for over 25 years, initially as a machinist before heading up the embroidery service 16 years ago.

Knowledge, expertise and experience count for everything in our embroidery department alongside exceptionally high quality and attention to detail.

It will come as no surprise to learn we leave the stitching to our machines, affectionately known the ‘Happy Team’!

Our Happy Embroidery Machines are a hard-working bunch, operating under the watchful eye of Alison and when she’s not around, Svajune steps in to keep them in line.


“We have three six head machines which runs six garments at a time for larger orders and four single heads for smaller orders,” explains Alison.

“While the ordering process is simple and straightforward, we spend a lot of time ensuring everything is spot on from the get-go to keep our customers as happy as our machines!

“Text designs are pretty straightforward to create. For more intricate logo designs we either copy or digitally trace – often by hand depending on the image quality – ahead of emailing the customer with a proof and a quote.

“Once they’re happy we’ll create a swatch sample to send out for customer approval – this is particularly important for the colour element of the design as the real thing can differ on screen.

“Once that’s approved, we can process the entire order and, depending on stock availability, it can be with the customer within days.

“We are a highly skilled department and our knowledge as machinists is crucial to understanding how the embroidery machines work and setting them up. It amazes people when they see the machines running and how embroidery comes to life.

“Although much of the design work is done digitally is takes ongoing training to ensure we’re at the cutting edge of the methods used to replicate designs and logos.”

As a close-knit bunch, their camaraderie carried them through the challenge of the pandemic as they worked to fulfil orders for frontline healthcare workers.

“We all get along very well which is fortunate as we spent as much time with each other as anybody else at times during the pandemic,” said Alison.

“Not a lot changed in a work sense as we’re always distanced from each other, but it did feel strange at times. What really helped was knowing what we were doing was going to those in care homes and in the NHS. It felt like we were helping in a small way.”

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