Workwear embroidery is the art of adding logos, branding and personalisation, enhancing the professional aesthetic of uniforms while aiding the promotion of your brand or business.

Here at Harveys our bespoke Embroidery Service uses state-of-the-art Happy machines to bring customer uniforms and workwear to life with a whole array of branding and personalised messaging.  During this process, the clothes are tightly secured in place as the machines stitch the design onto the fabric precisely using colour-matched, high-quality thread. Ideal for healthcare uniformspolo shirtsaprons and a whole array of workwear garments, embroidery logos offer a lasting and professional appearance.

Why choose embroidery?

Embroidery is a popular choice due to its durability, especially on thicker fabrics – it looks impressive too! It allows logos and designs to stand out, giving your workplace uniforms a polished and professional appearance.

Work uniforms with logos are also a very cost-effective way of promoting your brand, business or organisation. If your employees are out and about in their uniform it generates greater brand awareness and any customer interaction is much more valuable when a member of staff is professionally representing your brand.

Colour options

Harveys offers a vast array of colour options for embroidery. We can embroider any logo, regardless of size. With access to local suppliers and a constant high supply of threads, we ensure vibrant and accurate embroidery whatever your request.

There’s no set-up fee!

Unlike many others in the industry, we don’t charge set-up fees for our embroidery services. With a uniform and workwear heritage stretching back over 70 years, we know all about exceptional customer experience and we don’t believe in additional costs for our add-on services. Our friendly team will simply set up an account and then hand over to our trained embroidery specialists who will streamline the entire process for you.

Request a quote

We’re always happy to help with any customer query. To get a quote for your branded workwear, simply fill out our contact form to submit a request and our team will promptly reach out to discuss your requirements.

As we’ll be digitalising a logo for embroidery, during the next stage you’ll be asked to upload any relevant images or files (eg: jpeg / eps /.pdf /.png; letterhead, screenshot, HD image, or a photo of a current embroidered garment).

Alternatively contact:

Phone: 0161 624 9535

Our ordering process is simple!

  1. Select your desired font
  2. Select the position where you would like the embroidery to go.
  3. Enter the text
  4. Choose the desired colour

Logo/image orders

A member of our team will happily help you to set up your logo or imagery embroidery order so please contact us if you’d like assistance.

  1. Send us a letterhead, a photo of your current embroidered garment, a JPEG of your logo, or a screenshot from a website or email
  2. Our embroidery design team will create a digital image of the logo and provide a quotation which will be stored in your account for you to access

In-house makes it seamless

Our embroidery team operates in-house, which not only means we can monitor the quality, but it’s also cost effective and more efficient for our customers. Our embroidery team is highly skilled and experienced. Coupled with no set up fees, you can trust Harvey’s Workwear for a high-quality, hassle-free embroidery service experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can all products be embroidered?

Yes, we can embroider all garments but our online embroidery ordering excludes trousers. If you require trouser embroidery, please contact our team directly.

How long does embroidery take?

Embroidery orders typically take 4-5 days from placing an order to receipt of your order. Subject to stock availability and order volume.

How do I embroider my existing logo?

You can email your logo to our team in any of the major file types (jpeg / .eps / .pdf / .png)

You can also send us a photocopy or image of your logo and our team can re-create it digitally.